Friday, April 16, 2010

E is for Earth Day

Each and everyday the Sprouts feel a bit overwhelmed by the task of saving our planet from ourselves. We’re constantly inundated by pictures of devastated landscapes and the possibility of extinct animals (those polar bears get us every time) making us constantly aware that our own ignorance, and many times laziness, is what has gotten us to this critical moment in time.

And while the task may seem insurmountable, or uncontrollable, we’ve decided that the best thing we can DO is SOMETHING. Anything! Whether it’s big or small, it will make an impact, as long as we DO SOMETHING!

That’s why as the 40th Earth Day quickly approaches on Saturday, April 17 we are focusing our efforts at home, where we can see a difference and truly feel like we’re making a difference with our SOMETHING.

The best place to start is in your own backyard, in your neighborhood, in your community. Pick just one thing: plant a tree, join the neighborhood clean-up, participate in your communities blackout night…but DO SOMETHING!

The Sprouts more than anyone get it…we get how hard this is to change your habits. No one is perfect, we all have to make choices and the decisions that fit best for us. But if we all just do one thing, just DO SOMETHING, not only will our planet be better for it, but so will we – whether it be in your heart, your head, your lungs, or your pocketbook.

If you’re still at a loss, has a great listing of events, petitions, rally’s, etc. Everyone’s sure to find something there. You can also still join Earth Hour and show your support for clean energy and a clean economy, or simply bring in your own mug to Starbucks today for free coffee – free is always a sure step in changing a habit.

Here’s to DOING SOMETHING and living your best possible life! 

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