Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cultivating the world around us

Admittedly the Sprouts fell of the blogging bandwagon. No excuses - one of our Sprouts sprouted, and down a cultivator we were doing everything we could to make sure we were cultivating our client's brands with as much love and attention as possible.

We're finally back to 100% and we're growing again! 

Starting Monday we'll pick up where we left off on our A-Z entries with the letter D. And in the coming weeks we'll start sharing more and more about our new sister company, gem - a research recruiting firm that's redefining the research recruit. 

Of course our time off from writing gave us plenty of time to think, and boy do we have lots of ideas and thoughts to share in the coming months. And as always, we hope you'll sound off about what you think as well.  

Until Monday, have a great weekend! 

Here's to living your best possible life! 

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