Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Are we using the wrong strategy?

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, inspired by several recent readings, TED videos and mostly the SunChips bag recall. Are we working too hard to employ the wrong strategy? 

Here's my thinking...

I asked a business associate what he thought was the biggest issue when it came to the success of sustainability - business or consumer? His reply was, "...there isn't enough money in the world to solve the consumer issue...I think the hardest one to crack is the business issue - simply because of the internal corporate conflicts of interest and sloppy business practices - i.e., NO collaborative arrangements to coral all the experts (internal and external) who can bring the right ingredients into the mix and produce a successful outcome."

What if there was all the money in the world to educate consumers?

I feel like the problem is that we’re relying on corporations to do the right thing, and then relying on them to educate people on what their doing. That uses precious time and resources. Now, you and I, and many others, are keen to that idea, big business should have been doing the right thing from the very beginning. But alas, they haven’t been and they have to shift their behavior and that requires extensive resources, which many big businesses are having a hard time diving into head first. Essentially the planet’s health, and our health, is reliant on a push strategy, which as we’re witnessing with the SunChips example can be very very dangerous and back fire.

What if instead we created a pull strategy? What if we were able to wage an actual global campaign (well US first) that was all about educating consumers, creating a pull strategy – arming and empowering mainstream consumers to demand better for themselves and for the planet? And what if that campaign was about simplicity, empowerment and transformative change?

Do you think that would/could crack the business issue mentioned above? 

I have a thought, but I would love to hear anyone and everyone's thoughts and feelings on this if you've got the time. Hit me back and I'll collect, digest and then share an idea!

Here's to living your best possible life!

Melissa Mizer - Chief Brand Cultivator 

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