Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome to Sprout Strategy

Welcome to Sprout Strategy. We’re so happy to have the opportunity to share our passions of health, wellness and sustainability with you.

Sprout Strategy is a Brand Growth Boutique and was started because we wanted to do some good with our marketing talents. Let’s be honest. There are tons of products out there that people just simply don’t need – they don’t really truly make you, your life, or the planet any healthier, brighter, or more enjoyable; most of the time it’s just more stuff to fill our closets, time and minds and take our attention away from what really matters.

Now that’s not to say that we’re not all for a little indulgence, we’re all for exploring all aspects of our desires. A good friend described our mission best, “the ideal mix of inspiring intellectualism and debauchery and abandon” – so I guess you could say we Sprouts know how to live life to the fullest. So while satisfying our innate desire to let go and be free is definitely tops on our list, products and services that have no interest beyond making a buck are not OK by us.

Our blog is dedicated to bringing you our perspective on what’s happening in the world of health, wellness and sustainability. We hope in the days and months to come our blog will be a place you will turn to for news, updates, events, insights and ideas on new and existing products, events, people and places. In the process we hope to shed some light on who’s doing a good job and what lessons we could all learn. Our goal is simple. We want to provide that little spark of inspiration that helps all of us do a better job of helping each other live our best possible lives in this crazy mixed up world.

So with that, we’re kicking off our blog with “Health and Sustainability A-Z”. It all starts Monday, October 12, 2009 with, you guessed it, “A” – everything from Antioxidants to those little Acai berries that are so doggone hard to pronounce, but so yummy to eat and drink. Each Monday we’ll introduce a new letter and share with you ideas, products, initiatives, and services that start with that letter. We’ll touch on everything from music to carbon emissions and the best running shoes to delicious treats.

We hope you enjoy the next 26 weeks with us. If you’ve got any ideas on what you think we should highlight for a letter of the alphabet, we’re all ears and you can reach us at And, while Monday’s are specifically dedicated to A-Z we’ll still be tweeting and writing about anything and everything that catches our eye or interest.

Thanks again for joining us. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your visits more enjoyable, informative or inspirational.

Live well,
The Sprouts.

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